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Shelby Grise

Reiki & Readings

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My Story

Shelby felt called to Reiki when she had the realization that the need to help people, did not fit into the regular boxes of western medicine. 

Shelby started her professional career as a healthcare provider, but could not ignore the feeling of not being able to help people in the way they needed. In hopes to bridge the gaps between holistic and western medicine and treat your mind-body-spirit as a whole. Seeing first hand how emotional trauma can lead to chronic pain, and limiting beliefs to mental instability. She has gained irreplaceable skills in helping people heal themselves and bring their soul back into flow. 

Using many different energy healing techniques, including Reiki, guided meditations, the subtle energies and elements, chakra balancing, chord dissolving, oracle cards, crystal healing. Shelby lets her intuition and connection to spirit, guide her during her sessions, to hold space, send love and act as a catalyst in your healing journey. 

Shelby completed her Reiki levels 1, 2, 3 and Master teacher training and as that energy began integrating with her own, her psychic gifts grew as she began healing herself, family and friends. She gained irreplaceable skills, and turned this passion and lifestyle into her own business. Now, being called to be of service for those in the community of Fort McMurray, to bring forth the healing that is within you. 

What they say about Shelby


I've been to a private reiki session with Shelby and it was amazing. I've never experienced such powerful energy moving through my body. I've also been to two group workshops and both of them were very powerful for me. I can't wait to go back for more private sessions with all of the beautiful ladies who work there and attend more workshops in the future. The atmosphere Krystal and her team have created is very special. I've never felt so safe to be so vulnerable.


Shelby has such a calming energy and is so wise.


You can’t go wrong scheduling a treatment here!

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