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We are a platform for people to take an active role in their healing, create connection, and a supportive community for practitioners to flourish in the pursuit of their biggest dreams. 

Whether that’s for our clients as we make their health journey together, or our own practitioners, every win is our collective celebration. Even if it means encouraging team members to fly solo onto their bigger dreams, or cheer our clients careers’ and personal life gains on who’ve built them alongside our own. 


Within the Solluna Collective we are the bosses, practitioners, admin, laundry staff and cleaning service. So, if we don’t immediately get back to you or miss that phone call, we welcome a second! After all, we are the humans on the other end of that contact form seeking a balanced life between work and home. Because when you are in the flow of life and acting from an authentic place, that truth radiates outwards and causes a positive chain reaction. 

We will always strive to deliver our best selves to our cherished clientele. While that means we might not be on social media like clockwork or retain a full-time receptionist, we’ve streamlined our process to be what we believe is an efficient flow of energy to create the best possible experience for you—and show up for you authentically when it matters most.

We hope you'll join us in the flow as Solluna grows, evolves, takes scenic routes and trial runs.

When the spark for Solluna started to ignite there was a very clear knowing of what components would have to exist or manifest in order to follow through with this vision. 


"There is no such thing as half way liberation"  - Glennon Doyle.

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