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Ignite YOU

Do you know you were made for MORE than most people seek? MORE $, less work, MORE Joy? 

Do you ask yourself WHY do I feel unfufilled, ' there's still MORE ' after checking all the conventional checkboxes of success? 

Do you find yourself in a repeating cycle, struggling to get a result or happiness in one or more area of your life even though you're doing all the 'right ' things?


Have you tried the mantras, meditating, 'sending love'& manifesting with hit or miss results?


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How would your life change if you had…

  • A clear trusting and knowing that you were making the right decisions.

  • The ability to take the next step in your career, travels, relationships, finances, and life from soul aligned, action plan. 

  • Clear understanding and release of your thoughts, beliefs and limits  created in the subconscious that have been running since you were a child.

  • A clear plan for how exactly to get from clutter and confusion and crossing fingers on some manifestion mantras to CLAIMING the clarity & authentic life you crave.

  • More loving relationships with yourself & others through better understanding your ties, triggers & commonalities.

  • More time spent doing what YOU actually love, in your WHOLE life. 

  • A step by step plan of authentic & aligned action to uncover your power & claim the life & dreams you've always had underneath others & your own limiting beliefs. 

but you have no idea where to start, what to focus on or how exactly to make that growth happen? You’re here for a reason.

Unlock your power, my dear you've always known...

YOU fire cracker — you were made for more and you don’t actually need anyone or thing to hold your hand, finance your future or be your fall back plan.


It’s not when you get the lovie, the biz/job, the house, the kid. It’s when you get YOU!

It’s when you surrender. 


YOU get to write the formula and how to book on YOU and manifest and claim it all while I get to sit in the background and hold the big malleable container and cheer you on with my big Leo heart. 


This 8 weeks is everything my whole being has waited my whole life to unlock for others and I just don’t believe you need more than 8 weeks to ignite your whole HAPPY life when you’re this ready to run toward your soul purpose and cut the fluffy filler sh*t, and get to the living out the manifestation, the happinesss that your soul has been screaming for.

XO, Krystal 

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It's me, Krystal. I'm SO excited you're here. 

I created this unprogramming of self  by fusing my passion for life and learning. Through Chinese Medicine,  Hypnotherapy/Subconscious Healing, Intuition & Psychic Development, years of failures and successes, learning formally & through a whole lot of trial & error and discontentment I started to see everyone was claiming this one way to doing acupuncture, life, marriage, fertility, personal development etc. and charging a lot for it, but it always felt the molding and combining of so many great minds and approaches would be the goal.

Through a deep passion & purpose to help empower others & see them live a life of MORE  I decided a shift was required to do MORE than I've ever been able to offer in clinic with time/in person constraints.

When the nudges call, it's always for reason so I'm  excited to take the plunge & offer the culmination of what's been brewing for the past dozen years and support you on your leap to all the ease and happiness you're reclaiming.

This is not just soul work or affirmations, this is a grounded, practical & powerful catalyst to accessing everything that's waiting for YOU and sending you off with the inner knowing to know what you want, why you want it and how to clearly & efficiently claim & receive it.OVER & OVER. You weren't made for a stagnant life.

I've left the nice neat box of Engineering school, I've done the unconventional road, walked from naysayers and SUCCEEDED.

I've left the once dream job, I've took the leap, I've created my dream life over and over only to keep wanting to claim MORE happiness & uncover MORE of my truest self & happiness I always deserved. Now I want to share the truth  with YOU -- YOU ready for more!

What we'll Cover:

8 modules formulated to help you connect to & identify with your soul purpose, unlock your powerful potential, take aligned action and actively manifest the missing pieces of a Happy & FREEDOM based life.
1 Private Hypnotherapy Session & Distance Acupuncture upon entry where you will connect to higher self & identify ages and events specific to YOU that we will work on  throughout the program. 

Two weekly 60 minute live meetups for Q&A, Hypnotherapy & Meditations. 

Private Facebook group for Community & Connection

Self Hypnosis & Mindfulness Tracks to facilitate you being able to guide yourself through any future blocks and triggers with your own  process of discovering your intuition & ability to listen to YOU.

Chinese Medicine & Body Energetics incorporated throughout program. 

Weekly exercises & Journal Prompts  to be submitted which further address subconscious blocks, fears & stagnation as well as clarity on your what & why. 

PDF workbooks to coincide with the modules. 


4 Equal Payments 

Paid in Full





Are you ready to finally stop playing small & ignoring the call of your soul?
I’m so excited to watch you claim the next level!
See you inside, xo




This intro price will rise to $3333.
Program will be open to starting 7/7 . 


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In This Curriculum You'll Cover:

Energy Centres, Chinese Medicine Astrology (BaZi,) Intuition, Psychic & Spirituality : What's what & How do I connect to my higher Self to figure out the languages my soul speaks to me in and how to amplify them.

-> Private Hypnotherapy Session & Distance Acupuncture 


Subconscious Patterns & Beliefs

Karmic & Family Relationships: Identifying the pain points, beliefs & patterns keeping us from healing or creating the relationship with self and others that soul desires.


Love>Fear : Further fostering unconditional love for self, others around you, focus around Heart and how to acknowledge & move through Fear & Forgiveness for self & others.


You've Got Soul! Now go listen to it, let's find your purpose & connect you to the bigger picture & those here to help you live your purpose & passion.


Detach & Surrender. Let go, Listen & Integrate. This week we'll revisit intentions & languages that your body & soul speak to you in order to redefine or realign with intentions & goals. 


Vulnerability, Authenticity, Planning our leap, and ability to be seen with Clarity. 


Get Grounded & Real in order to claim & receive everything from a non ego, soul based knowing.


Get in the energy to manifest, own & accept the whole package & PLAY with it. You'll have a plan and be able to from the right energy, for the right reasons and know it's already yours... but not in a fluffy woo way, TRULY knowing you've laid the foundation. 


-> With these modules you'll be able to trust YOU and keep levelling up, claiming the clarity, simplicity & happiness that you were made for without needing someone to constantly remove stuck energy or cycles in your life, now you've really got YOU. 

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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